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   Here's Your  Personal Paradise!


"Serenity' includes over ten years of Original Award Winning Nature Videography by Ron Roy from his well-known MOODTAPES video collection.  

Viewing this excellent DVD you'll escape into the relaxing world of nature filled with spectacular scenery! Crashing ocean surf! Panoramic sunsets! Blossoming flowers! Cascading waterfalls! Rushing mountain streams! Underwater deep sea wonderlands! Snow falling in silent forests!.

Deeply relaxing original music sound tracks and the actual sounds of nature are combined to transport you into your own personal paradise, a calming space that overflows with beauty.

  • DVD   57 MINS.   $20.00
  • Music, Nature sounds,                No Narration!                          

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Looped for Continuous Play! 

With Bonus on  Side Two

Now bring California Home!

"CALIFORNIA - Coastal Wildlife &    Waterfalls" with BONUS "Californian Dreams"

Imagine relaxing  in sight of the most pristine   and beautiful  lakes, waterfalls and beaches in   the State of California. It's a NEW RELEASE  from the special series "WAVES-VIRTUAL VACATIONS" that offers  two hours of magical scenery. On SIDE ONE of the DVD you'll enjoy California's coastal wildlife and waterfalls, cool High Sierra mountain lakes,  the water rush of Burney Falls, Big Basin Falls, and Pfeiffer Falls near the ocean. See seabirds at Pigeon Point Lighthouse! Watch a baby harbor seal swim for the first time and witness the exciting birth of     an elephant seal. And enjoy five incredible ocean sunsets. No music or narration, just natural sounds.

Turn the DVD over and on SIDE TWO experience the director's cut of "Californian Dreams" with  the  best beaches that grace  California's coast:  beaches at San Francisco, Monterey, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and San Diego. Here's a blend of seagulls, scenic cliffs, rugged rocks and sunny beaches and six spectacular sunsets. Again, no music or narration, just  natural sounds. The producer of this DVD calls     it a "mind massage" as you become one with nature. 

  •  DVD   2 Hrs.  $20.00   

  • No Music No Narration Just Natural Sounds


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Looped for Continuous Play!

NEW From EarthView Productions!

"Nature Moments"

ANIMALS GALORE is a more descriptive title for this wonderful new DVD being presented here   for the first time. The jacket cover lists 30 of the species shown and indicates there are even more!  Much more - on land, in the air, in and under ocean waters! You'll discover Green Sea Turtles, Humpback Whales, Spinner Dolphins, King Penguins, Grizzly Bears, Manta Rays, Bison, Jelly Fish, Mule Deer, Wild Mustangs, Fur Seals, Elephants, Fur Seals, Wapiti Deer, Gorillas, Puffins, Macaque Monkeys, White Sharks, and MUCH MORE! Truly a treat for animal lovers and an eye opening experience for children!  No talk, just music! Each animal's species  is identified in  a sub-title. All proceeds from this DVD received  by the producers, EarthViews Productions, will benefit non-profits Animal Fund and Oceanic Society.  As a bonus  for your listening pleasure there's a free audio CD with some of the finest recordings of whales and dolphins.  "Nature Moments" celebrates the beauty, the majesty   and the magnitude of our animal world!

  • DVD -  59 MINS.  $16.00
  • Music, No Narration
  • Free CD of Whale & Dolphin Calls

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From A Master Bird Photographer!


Bird watching without binoculars! From the  feeder to the field. Here's an outstanding, truly colorful sampler of the many birds of America filmed by photojournalist Steve Maslowski, chief cameraman for "Through the Seasons with  Birds" and "Amazing Birds of America." 

There are sixteen chapters for you to enjoy     filled with birds doing what birds do best. First    in backyards, then in the field. Easy listen music sets the pace. Over one hundred species are shown, either flying through the sky, feeding at the feeders, preening themselves and always displaying their colors and distinctive markings.

  • DVD -  60 MINS.  $20.00

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  With BONUS FEATURES                        "Over St. Louis" and "Over Chicago"

"OVER AMERICA" is a spectacular visual essay  on the beauty and grandeur that is America. It was photographed from the air with state of the art High Definition television cameras.  No need  to fasten a seatbelt, no need to worry about air turbulence when you take this "flight!"  

You'll fly over the brilliant fall colors of our New England states, look down at the fascinating  states, skim over the vast deserts and towering mountains that form the great barriers to the west; and finally enjoy the lush imagery of our western states plus Alaska and Hawaii. Here's  superb aerial photography with an original Hi-Fi Stereo music score. And the BONUS FEATURES  highlight the landscapes, the architecture and the beauty of two great mid-western cities, St. Louis and Chicago!

  • DVD 1 Hr. 56 Mins. $24.00
  • Music.  No Narration.    

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Beautiful Down Home Photographs!


"Take A White Christmas Home With You" is  all about SNOW and how it's white mantle glorifies our great outdoors. This is a collection of beautiful photographs that come alive as the video camera slowly explores them. The movement of the camera, the composition, the colors and the peaceful music will delight and relax you! Each of the photographs by Dennis O'Hara reveals  the beauty of our snow-filled world: deer in the woods, birds in their trees, red cheeked kids at play, snow covered ridges, dog sleds in route, northern lights in the night skies! Natural sounds mingle with traditional Christmas music that seems as if someone is performing it for you in your home. Though the music and the title say "Christmas," this DVD can be enjoyed all year long with or without the holiday music. A truly special DVD that is truly "cool" even on warm days!

  • DVD -  61 MINS.  $18.00

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"Over New England"               with bonus "Over Philadelphia"

Celebrate New England's diversity in yet another  airborne journey! You'll eye all historic landscapes and landmarks from an entirely new perspective --overhead!! This DVD presents a visually exciting portrait of classic New England - from trees festooned in colorful autumn leaves to red barns, white steeples and village greens, to rugged coastlines with  lighthouses guarding the shores.

This flight over Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, , Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine  is marked by brief narrative's quoting Thoreau, Emerson and Frost - writers and poets inspired by the beauty and history of the New England land itself. 

BONUS ON THE DVD: A 45 MINUTE special feature "OVER PHILADELPHIA" puts you in the pilot's seat, taking you to the skies of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, providing a unique view of the area's architecture, bridges, coastline and countryside.

  • DVD  1 Hr. 43 Mins. $20.00               with Bonus "Over Philadelphia"  

  • MUSIC   Brief Narration


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Christmas, 2008!



To see the Christmas Yule Log Fireplace in action click on the link below.


  With BONUS Short Film                           

   "Snow for the Holidays"

"The Original Christmas Yule Log Fireplace"

Noel! Noel! Noel! Bring the festive warmth of this elegant holiday fireplace into your home. Play it with the Christmas music on the DVD as the fire burns and you'll enjoy 25 all-time seasonal favorites, including "Toyland," "Silent Night," "12 Days of Christmas," "Deck The Halls" and more. Or choose to play it just with the snap-crackle of the fire and there's no hint of Christmas...just a warm, wonderful fireplace filmed in the library of a mansion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

It's a very merry DVD that you'll enjoy with family and friends on Christmas Eve, at holiday parties, when trimming your tree and of course on Christmas Day. And it makes a wonderful holiday gift! 

And if you miss snow for the holidays or prefer it on your TV screen rather than shoveling it outdoors, the Bonus Short Film "Snow for the Holidays" is just your cup of holiday cheer. You'll see rural landscapes cloaked in heavenly snow; barnyard animals frolicking as the snow falls on them.  The beauty of winter's white coat sparkles on everything it bedecks. This short film is looped for continuous play...continuous snow! 

  • DVD 1˝ hrs.   $20.00 

  • Fire Sounds or Music.  No Narration.  


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To see the Marine Aquarium and the Living Reef in action click on the link below.



  NO FISH TO FEED!                                       



We've waited 21 years to update our Video Aquarium because we were looking for a new, distinctive concept. Now with the genius of one of California's  foremost aquarium designers we've found what we've been looking for!    Not one but two very special aquariums: (1) the MARINE AQUARIUM (shown on the cover) whose primary purpose is to showcase the exotic, colorful fish; Behind the fish is a wall of bubbles that will soothe and relax you or you can choose to play it with gentle music; and  (2) a LIVING REEF AQUARIUM,  the hottest new idea in aquariums, designed to resemble an actual reef found deep in the ocean. The moving fish are secondary. It's the sea anemone and other sedentary marine creatures that live on the reef that make this aquarium so fascinating with its deep ocean water sound or gentle music.  

  • DVD -  2 HRS.   $20.00
  • VHS -  2 HRS.   $15.00
  • On the DVD Aquariums there is a choice of bubble or deep ocean sound or music.  No Narration.  
    • DVD Looped for Continuous Play
    • DVD Plays world wide - all regions.
  • On the VHS no music, just natural sounds. Also BONUS interviews.  

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To see the Video Fireplace in action click on the link below.

  NO LOGS TO HAUL!                                     


"The Original Video Fireplace" 

Sit back and relax in the flickering glow of a  crackling wood burning fire. It's a real fire burning down in real time from roaring flames to glowing embers. On this DVD you have your choice: (1) Play the fire with real snap crackling sounds; (2) Play it with easy-listen music; or (3) Play it with classical music. 

This unique DVD turns your TV into your own  relaxing, cozy,  romantic, old- fashioned fireplace without any fuss or muss. It'll bring smiles and   warmth to every occasion. For anyone who has  longed for a fireplace or can't have one, or just hates messing around with a real fireplace.  

  • DVD  1˝ hrs    $20.00 

  • Fire Sounds or Music.  No Narration.


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It plays worldwide -       all regions!



"Coral Sea Dreaming"

One of our best sellers in VHS is now on a DVD Special Edition.  Here's an extraordinary musical and visual journey.  Immerse yourself in the spectacular undersea  world of  Australia's Great Barrier Reef.    Discover crystal clear video, cool Dolby Digital music and exotic fish in every color of the rainbow...300 creatures in their native habitat. Turn on SUB-TITLES to identify each creature.

PLUS five short films not on the original VHS video, including "Surfing Dolphins:" "Wetlands" and "Sea Lions."  "...A BEAUTIFUL FILM," says The National Geographic Magazine!

Original music underscores the vivid undersea photography.  Our number one seller for dental offices for calming nerves.

  • DVD 1 Hr. 22 mins. $24.00    

  • Music! No Narration! 

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"Timeless...                                            A National Parks Odyssey" 

This is a NEW DVD from that cinematic master DAVID FORTNEY.  It's a spectacular and often breathtaking marriage of film and music. This DVD contains some of the most awe-inspiring cinematography filmed in our National Parks.  Fluid, masterful camera work and aerial photography reveal the beauty of Banff and Jasper in the Canadian Rockies, Washington's Olympic Park, Alaska's Denali, plus Bryce, Zion, Yellowstone, Glacier, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, the Redwoods and more.  Fields of wild flowers, waterfalls, rich green forests, breathtaking skies and cloud formations, mountains, lakes and still more. Plus BONUS FEATURES of optional captioning, regional maps, and a directory to contact the National Parks featured. Truly an outstanding odyssey and achievement. Now reduced from $24.00 to $20.00.

  • DVD  50 MINS.   $20.00 

  • Music! No Narration!


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Here's a breathtaking aerial tour of our 49th state. Soar over Mt. McKinley and through the craggy crevasses of electric blue glaciers.  Follow the Iditarod trail as well as kayakers as they navigate past icebergs.  Then touch down to earth and get as close to bears, whales and wildlife as humanly possible.

From the big city of Anchorage to the ghost town of Kennecott, from the Klondike Gold Rush to the heritage and culture of Alaska's native people, this outstanding video portrays Alaska as it has never been seen before. To retain it's panoramic beauty high definition quality, it is presented in Letterbox Format.  Includes an original music score and some evocative words.

  • DVD  58 MINS.  $20.00

  • Music, Letterbox, Some Narration

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Photographed entirely from the air over the course of a year, powerful high-altitude images reveal the special beauty and magic of the state of California. This video shows why so many tourists visit this state each year! California has it all: deserts, mountains, big cities, vineyards, coastline, the ocean, redwoods and more! 

Filmed with high definition television cameras, both the VHS and DVD are presented in a modified Letterbox Format to retain its original panoramic perspective.  Fly over Los Angeles, San Francisco, the Santa Monica Mountains, the Mohave Desert and more!

  • DVD   58 MINS.  $20.00

  • Music, Modified Letterbox, No Narration

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"BIG SUR:                         California Coast"

The most scenic stretch of coastline in America! That's Big Sur country! This natural setting provides beauty, peace and inspiration. Just the place for letting go and relaxing! 

Panoramic coastal views, ocean waves breaking on rugged rocks, gorgeous sunsets, visits to Hearst's Castle and Monterey's 17 Mile Drive and more. 

  • DVD 60 MINS. $22.00    

  • Music!  No Narration!



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With Bonus on      Side Two


Looped for Continuous Play!   


        "The Best                    CARIBBEAN BEACHES with BONUS "Hawaiian Dreams" 

NOW for the very first time on just ONE DVD, "THE BEST BEACHES OF THE CARIBBEAN" are combined with our best seller "HAWAIIAN DREAMS." All are tropical paradises aglow with sunsets, blue-green waves and miles of white sandy beaches! On the Caribbean, Rose Island, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Abaco, Eleuthra, Nassau, and St. John beaches. Then you’re invited to HAWAII to enjoy the surf & sand of Kauia, Maui, Oahu, Lanai, Mokokai and Hawaii - each beach more beautiful than the last.  Sit back and relax as you view this DVD & feel stress drift off your shoulders. You can almost feel the warm water lapping at your toes. 

This is another video in the award winning  "WAVES: Virtual Vacations" series with long stationary shots and natural sounds. You'll feel as though you are actually on the beach.   Restore health and balance with this soothing video.

  • DVD  2 HRS 14 mins.           
  • $20.00
  • Natural Sounds, No Music No Narration.  Plays All Regions.


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Looped for Random Play

Special Features: Artist statement; Artwork catalog; standard  4:3 or widescreen 16.9



"Dance of Light"

Imagine turning your TV screen into a painting!  Not one painting but 18 exquisite watercolors by renowned California artist Sugatha. Her technique of watercolor is uncompromising simple and spontaneous. It opens your vision to a world of color and light that flows as freely as water itself and is endlessly fascinating and wonder-filled. This DVD is "Art Framed by Your Television!" You'll be thrilled by Sugatha's ravishing rainbow-hued colors and composition.  You decide what to display and how to display it. There's random play of each painting or play the complete portfolio with relaxing music by Vibhas Kendzia. And as the portfolio unfolds, a moving camera flows slowly across each painting, revealing new aspects in color and composition. Delightful to watch, perfect for background ambience!  Sugatha's paintings are exquisite on any size screen, but extra special on PLASMA or BIG or WIDE TV screens. Especially so when you don't want to turn on your network or cable service but want that big, black TV screen to work for you. With this DVD you'll not only have beauty, you'll have a conversation piece.

  • DVD  100 MINS.   $24.00

  • No Narration! Music!

dvd_southwest_screen_art.jpg (212245 bytes)

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Looped for Random Play

Special Features: Artist statement; Artwork catalog; standard  4:3 or widescreen 16:9




"souTHwesT  ImpressIons"

Photography has been defined as "the art of the moment." And it is in the ever-watchful eye of the photographer that a visual moment of incomparable beauty is seen and captured on film.  International photographer Helmut Kuhn traveled to America's Great Southwest to capture these 18 stunning images that at first glance seem like paintings not photographs. His love and passion for nature leaps out of his photographs and confirms him as one of the foremost creators of southwest landscape art photographs.  This is another DVD in the TVScreenART series that aims to turn your TV screen into a display for fine art and fine art photography. The photographs were captured with digital cameras for extra clarity and beauty  There's random play of each photograph or play the complete portfolio with  music by R. Carlos Nakai. As the portfolio unfolds, the moving camera flows slowly across each photograph to reveal new moments in color and composition. Relaxing to watch, a find for background ambience!  These fine art photographs are beautiful on any size screen, but extra special on PLASMA or BIG or WIDE TV screens. Now you can transform that big, black TV screen into a work of art when you don't want to fill it with network or cable programs. With this DVD you'll not only have beauty and relaxation, you'll have a new way to create ambience for a party or gathering.

  • DVD  100 MINS.  $24.00

  • No Narration, Music

dvd_flower_screenart.jpg (182639 bytes)

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Looped for Random Play

Special Features: Artist statement; Artwork catalog; standard  4:3 or widescreen 16:9



Angel Flowers

If you love the shape and color of the flowers that bloom, this DVD will enthrall you. Here's an outstanding collection of fine art photographs that capture the vivid colors and brilliance of the blooms. There are 18 gorgeous images that at first view seem like paintings but in reality are photographs that express the photograph- er's passion for color and form. In each photograph by Mary Suzanne there is a vitality and drama. These are indeed beauty personified, another  DVD in the TVScreenART series that will turn your TV screen into a gallery for fine art and fine art photography.  There's random play of each photograph or the complete portfolio plays with  music. As the portfolio unfolds, the moving camera slowly moves across each photograph, revealing new visions in color and composition.  These fine art photographs are beautiful on any size screen, but extra special on PLASMA or BIG or WIDE TV screens. Transform your big, black TV screen into a work of art when you don't want to fill it with network or cable programs. With this DVD you'll not only have beauty and relaxation, you'll have a new way to create a soothing background for meditation, reading or quiet talk.

  • DVD  100 Mins. $24.00     

  • No Narration!  Music!

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" Yosemite National Park "

In this video you'll see Yosemite as you've never seen it before! From the air, from a raft, from atop its famous waterfalls! Take a deep breath and relax as these powerful images of nature's beauty excite your senses and invigorate your passion for life. Here you'll discover soothing scenes of cascading waterfalls, flowing rivers, plus splendid photography of the changing seasons.

  •  DVD  60 MINS  $22.00

  •  MUSIC.   No Narration. 

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"Yellowstone Nat'l Park"

As one of America's most popular parks, Yellowstone has attracted millions of visitors. Here you can view all the sights those visitors see: Geysers, lakes, waterfalls, lightning storms, hot springs, including the world famous, OLD FAITHFUL! Yellowstone abounds in wild life, from baby Elk to the mighty Bison and Moose, each lending its individual beauty to the lush landscape. Included also is the majestic GRAND TETON mountain range with its beautiful lakes and streams. Sit back! Let this glorious music and photography relax you

  •  DVD  60 MINS.  $22.00

  •  Music No Narration

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Shot entirely on location along the rugged California, Oregon and State of Washington coastlines, "Pacific Surf" captures the spectacular natural beauty of giant crashing waves. They pound the towering cliffs! Crash and splash over the jagged rocks that jut out close to the shoreline!  For ocean lovers this is a special treat!  Enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean waves blended with relaxing music. Another in the naturally relaxing MOODTAPES series. Enjoy this ocean experience even if you're land-locked and miles from the seashore. 

  • DVD  60 MINS.  $20.00    
  • Use your AUDIO BUTTON on your DVD remote to access Natural sounds or Music  No Narration.

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"Nat'l Parks of Alaska"

Alaska is certainly America's last unspoiled frontier. In this panoramic video we explore four of Alaska's most popular national parks: DENALI, known for its wildlife and home of Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in North America; KENAI FJORDS and GLACIER BAY, where majestic ice kingdoms have been sculpted by the mighty glaciers that are slowly moving to the sea: and KATMAI, known for its great bear population so adept at catching the plentiful salmon that swim the waters. This video is clearly the work of video artists enchanted by their subject.

  •  DVD  60 MINS.  $22.00  

  •  Music!  No Narration!

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   Another WILDERNESS Nature DVD

Bryce & Zion Nat'l Parks

The natural splendor of Mother Nature's handiwork has never been as stunning as in BRYCE'S trademark pinnacle formations and natural bridges. This landscape assumes almost a magical, fantasy appearance. The majestic cliffs and canyons at ZION loom high and mighty and are accented by the colors of autumn. The fury of passing storms ignites these vistas and are only subdued by the gentle side of nature: beautiful rainbows; spectacular sunrises and sunsets! Here's a thrilling visit to two national parks abounding with panoramic beauty.

  • DVD  55 MINS.  $22.00

  • Music.   No Narration