Our Beautiful Land

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Our Beautiful Land

Explore the beauty of America's vast and glorious outdoors! Lands not yet devoured by cities and real estate developers. When you scroll below you'll  discover some of the most enchanting parks and wildlife rich areas in the United States!  Experience the  panoramic wilderness found in our Glacier National Park DVD, observe nature’s full-blown beauty in our Yellowstone DVD with it's famed Old Faithful Geyser, watch wildlife thrive in the National Parks of Alaska, and experience the beauty of Mother Nature's greatest masterpiece viewing our Grand Canyon DVD.

We're proud to present DVDS that are hard to find: Snow falling in a snow flake filled view of winter in Winter Wonderlands; the powerful images of Yosemite; a trip to view the breathtaking scenery of America's most northern park Glacier National Park DVD; a video exploration of Denali and Kenai Fjords featured in the the National Parks of Alaska DVD, and many other superb nature videos.


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Ninety minutes of nature's cascading waters! From the thundering waters of Yosemite and Yellowstone to the hidden waterfalls in nature's wilderness. There's something relaxing and spellbinding as you watch the waters flow and gush and fall from unbelievable heights. 

You'll witness a waterfall that creates it's own rainbow; another that wears a mantle of winter snow and freezes over.  Classical music in compatible surround sound enhances your enjoyment of this truly one-of-a-kind nature DVD.

  • DVD  90  MINS $10.00
  • Classical Music, No Talk

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"Winter Wonderlands"

This is the first all-snow DVD that we've discovered! Filmed in rural New Jersey, it's filled with scenes of falling snow descending on rural fields, woods, farms, country homes, an old mill, horses, ducks, birds, even milk cows at Christmas time. They're all cloaked in Mother Nature's soft white winter coat. If you miss seeing snowflakes falling then you'll delight in this DVD.  In every scene there is snow descending from the heavens. No need for winter boots, snow shovels or sprinkling rock salt! Just sit back in the warmth of your home and enjoy the scenic beauty of this snow-filled DVD.

  • DVD 90  MINS  $10.00     
  • Classical Music, No Talk


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  "Over New England"                 with bonus "Over Philadelphia"

Celebrate New England's diversity in yet an  airborne journey! You'll eye historic landscapes and landmarks from an entirely new perspective --overhead!! This DVD presents a visually exciting portrait of classic New England - from trees festooned in COLORFUL AUTUMN LEAVES to red barns, white steeples and village greens, to rugged coastlines with  lighthouses guarding the shores.

This flight over Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, , Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine  is marked by brief narrative's quoting Thoreau, Emerson and Frost - writers and poets inspired by the beauty and history of the New England land itself. 

BONUS ON THE DVD: A 45 Minute short film "OVER PHILADELPHIA" puts you in the pilot's seat, taking you to the skies of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, providing a unique view of the area's bridges, architecture, coastline & countryside.

  • DVD 1 Hr. 43 Mins.                      $20.00       
  • MUSIC   Brief Narration

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            Yosemite's Waters & Falls

"Whispering Waters "

Filmed in the panoramic wonderland of California's Yosemite National Park, this video brings the serenity of the great outdoors into your home. Cascading waterfalls descend granite walls from incredible mountain heights, Rippling streams rush over rocks, through crevices, across lush green mountain sides. These are the whispering waters of Yosemite. If you've never visited this national park, you'll want to after viewing this video.  No music -- just the relaxing sounds of nature: wind, water, birds!  A soothing respite from daily stress!

  •  DVD  60 MINS.  $20.00

  • Natural Sounds.   No Music.   No Narration  

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"Yellowstone Nat'l Park"

As one of America's most popular parks, Yellowstone has attracted millions of visitors. Here you can view all the sights those visitors see: Geysers, lakes, waterfalls, lightning storms, hot springs, including the world famous, OLD FAITHFUL! Yellowstone abounds in wild life, from baby Elk to the mighty Bison and Moose, each lending its individual beauty to the lush landscape. Included also is the majestic GRAND TETON mountain range with its beautiful lakes and streams. Sit back! Let this glorious music and photography relax you!

  • DVD   60 MINS. $22.00

  •  Music No Narration


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"National Parks of Alaska"

Alaska is certainly America's last unspoiled frontier. In this panoramic video we explore four of Alaska's most popular national parks: DENALI, known for its wildlife and home of Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain in North America; KENAI FJORDS and GLACIER BAY, where majestic ice kingdoms have been sculpted by the mighty glaciers that are slowly moving to the sea: and KATMAI, known for its great bear population so adept at catching the plentiful salmon that swim the waters. This video is clearly the work of video artists enchanted by their subject.

  • DVD  60 Mins.  $22.00  

  •  Music No Narration

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Here's Hawaii in all it's glory! Experience three of Hawaii's most beautiful islands: MAUI, KAUAI and the BIG ISLAND of HAWAII itself! Through panoramic color photography this new DVD takes you on an aerial journey over the lush lands  and the blue waters and white sands of these Hawaiian Islands that comprise America's 50th state.  This is truly an island symphony brought to you by Wilderness Video, one of the foremost producers of scenic, nature videos.  

Waves rush the sandy  beaches and crash on rugged rocks that line the island shores; picture perfect blue skies and glorious sunsets create unforgettable scenic masterpieces.  And most surprising is the spectacular footage of flowing lava and fiery volcanoes.  The red hot lava appears almost like abstract art as it flows down mountainsides with smoke and heat rising to the heavens. Dangerous to experience in person. Fascinating on film.  Natural sounds of water and birds combine with beautiful, relaxing music to enhance this tour of a flower filled paradise. 

  • DVD   60 Mins.   $22.00        
  • Natural Sound & Music!               No Narration


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BRYCE & ZION Nat'l Parks
Here are two of America's southwest treasures! Never has the natural splendor of Mother Nature's handiwork  been as stunning as in BRYCE'S trademark pinnacle formations and natural bridges. The landscape assumes almost a magical, fantasy appearance. ZION'S majestic cliffs and canyons loom high and mighty and are accented by the beautiful colors of autumn. The fury of passing storms ignites these vistas and are only subdued by the gentle side of nature: beautiful rainbows; spectacular sunrises and sunsets! Here's a thrilling visit to two national parks abounding with panoramic beauty.
  • DVD  55 Mins.  $22.00

  • Music.   No Narration


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"Yosemite National Park"

In this video you'll see Yosemite as you've never seen it before! From the air, from a raft, from atop its famous waterfalls! Take a deep breath and relax as these powerful images of nature's beauty excite your senses and invigorate your passion for life. Here you'll discover soothing scenes of cascading waterfalls, flowing rivers, plus splendid photography of the changing seasons.

  •  DVD  60 MINS.   $22.00

  •  MUSIC.   No Narration. 

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      A CLASSIC  NOW IN DVD!                  

"The Grand Canyon    National Park"

The Grand Canyon is unquestionably America's greatest natural wonder and the Number One attraction for tourists from around the world! With this breathtaking video you can explore the vast canyon reaches from the comfort of your easy chair.  No need to set foot on the new glass see-through, over-hanging walkway. This panoramic adventure was filmed before tour flights were severely restricted over the Grand Canyon! It's a special video presenting areas now out of bounds or seldom seen by tourists.  The Canyon is an amazing scenic wonder carved over thousands of years by a relentless, meandering Colorado River. You'll crisscross the striated canyon walls and towering palisades! Fly below the canyon's rocky rims!  Skim over the rushing waters of the river.     

Play  this DVD and you'll fly to the rarely seen western region.  The DVD includes a map with landmarks and geological facts!   With music by Kitaro, Dvorak, Wagner and others.  

  • DVD   2 HRS   $20.00   

  • MUSIC.   No Narration. 

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   America's Most Northern Park  

"GLACIER National Park"

Located in northwest corner of the State of Montana, close to the Canadian border, "Glacier National Park" is an enchanting, scenery filled wilderness adventure. The majestic grandeur of its many namesake glaciers, the emerald lakes and crystal-clear streams project a magical feeling as if all of nature's gems were gathered and placed in one magnificent wilderness setting. For a spectacular panoramic view this DVD takes you to the top of Montana's Sun Mountain along the picturesque Going-To-The-Sun Highway, often described as the most beautiful 16 mile stretch of road in the world.  Classical music and natural sounds add to your enjoyment.

  • DVD  60 MINS.   $22.00

  • MUSIC.   No Narration.